Ai Weiwei. The way follows nature, 2021 Limited Edition of face masks

Ai Weiwei. collection of 10 face masks, 2021

Taking inspiration from the local culture, marine life, and the unique flora of Hawai‘i, The Way Follows Nature (2021) is a limited-edition collection of designs on face masks, created by artist Ai Weiwei exclusively for Hawai‘i Contemporary to benefit the forthcoming Hawai‘i Triennial 2022 (HT22). The designs reflect upon our natural environment in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, a highly charged time of pause and social change. Ai’s designs honor plants that are significant in the Native Hawaiian culture, like canoe plants kukui and kalo, as well as hāpu‘u, kupukupu, and ‘ōhi‘a lehua, which are native or endemic to the Hawaiian Islands.

10 different designs

Set of all 10 masks US$1,150.00

Hawai‘i Contemporary