Ai Weiwei. Sunflower Seed, 2024

Ai Weiwei's latest limited edition release for Tate in London pays homage to his groundbreaking Unilever Series installation, "Sunflower Seeds," in 2010 at Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. This installation comprised over 100 million meticulously handcrafted porcelain sunflower seed husks, meticulously sculpted and painted by artisans in Jingdezhen, China. Unlike mass-produced artworks, this endeavor involved the dedicated efforts of 1600 artisans over a span of two years.

In his 2024 limited edition piece, "Sunflower Seed," Ai Weiwei has hand-assembled an image of a single sunflower seed using children’s toy bricks. This venture into toy brick artistry began with his 2014 work, "Trace," and has evolved through recent pieces like "Water Lilies #1" in 2023. Ai emphasizes the importance of the manual, deliberate process of creation in an era dominated by speed and technology, whether it's crafting a porcelain sculpture or constructing an image from toy bricks.

Echoing the essence of his Turbine Hall commission, this limited edition serves as a meditation on the interconnectedness of individual elements within a larger whole, reflecting on the dynamics between the singular and the collective.

Each artwork in this series comes with a signed and numbered certificate. Prices are subject to change, and as editions sell out, prices may increase, with clear indication provided.

Artist Ai Weiwei
Artwork Sunflower Seed
Dimensions 38 x 38 cm
Material Children’s toy bricks on baseplate in bespoke box.
Edition of 100, accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate
Date of work 2024

Available at Tate Shop

Price £5600