Ai Weiwei. 81 Questions

© Ai Weiwei

81 Questions (2024)
Editions of 81
1270 x 1270mmHand-Signed & Numbered £500+VAT 

In 81 Questions, Ai Weiwei combines his affinity for readymades with his indefatigable activism in this new series of 81 hand-signed and embossed screen prints.

“Each Lego brick pixel represents a person” says Ai Weiwei, who incorporates the plastic construction toy – a readymade material incorporated into many of his most recent works – into his print design for the very first time. The black egalitarian pixel font and embossed baseplate combine artisanal craft with technology to create this thought provoking and playful reflection on the world today.

Each print in the series of 81 Questions is hand-signed and numbered by the artist in editions of 81.