Leilah Babirye.

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Silkscreen on cotton. 22×22 in. bandana. Published by Gordon Robichaux and Post Present Medium.
30 US$

Leilah Babirye (born 1985 in Kampala, Uganda) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She studied art at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda (2007–2010) and participated in the Fire Island Artist Residency (2015). In 2018, she received asylum in the US with support from the African Services Committee and the NYC Anti-Violence Project, and presented her first solo exhibition at Gordon Robichaux in New York. In 2020, she had her first San Francisco solo exhibition at Rebecca Camacho Presents, and will present a solo exhibition at Gordon Robichaux, NY in the fall. In spring 2021, Babirye will have her first London solo exhibition at Stephen Friedman Gallery.

New York gallery Gordon Robichaux and Los Angeles-based record label Post Present Medium have joined forces on a series of artist-designed bandanas to raise money for the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition.

Post Present Medium