Albert Oehlen. Meditation über bürokratische Tendenzen bei TZK (2020)

Alber Oehlen; Texte zur Kunst, 2020

Over the decades, the painter Albert Oehlen has created several editions for TEXTE ZUR KUNST that have become classics of the genre, and so his “Meditation über bürokratische Tendenzen bei TZK” (“Meditation on Bureaucratic Tendencies at TZK”) reads as gentle mockery of our day-to-day work at the office (Albert, you should stop by sometime!). His expressive lines capture a well-organized form of chaos, a collaborative effort brimming with energy – we’ll take it as a compliment. In its technical gesture, Oehlen’s lithograph recalls the “Computer Paintings” series he started making on his first laptop in 1990. Meditation and bureaucracy may be incongruous ideas, but in this edition, they are united in a most appealing symbiosis.

Size: 36.2 × 30.6 cm
Technique: Lithograph
Edition of 100 + 20 A. P.

Price: 680.00 € Excl. shipping

Texte zur Kunst